Sunday, June 24

Oh How Our Garden Grows

I have to add my disclaimer here again:  I am not a photographer.  Not a professional. Not an amateur. Not a photographer at all.  Got it? Okay then...let's move on.

Here are some (not great) photos from my garden.  I take some each year so I can remember what I planted, what I want to plant again, and what didn't work at all.  By next spring I'll have completely forgotten what grew this summer so this is a good way to jog my memory. 

Marigolds are awesome. They love the sun and they'll keep spreading until this whole flower bed is filled with bright yellow.  And they'll last through the fall.

Petunias are my favorite.  Wave petunias are the best kind.

These petunias surprised us when they sprouted up around my herb pots.  We didn't plant them. They just came back from last year (they're not supposed to do that).

These are also Petunias that sprouted back up from last summer.  That mild winter must have kept the roots alive.

Acorn Squash. Roast with oil, salt and brown sugar.

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