Sunday, July 8

Freezing Peaches

I just finished freezing the 50+ pounds of peaches Maggie and I recently picked.  To tell the truth, this took some work, but I think it'll be well worth it when I'm baking peach and blueberry pie this fall, or blending them into baby food this winter.  I'm not completely sure what I'll do with that many peaches but it makes me happy to know I have them and can use them when I want to.  Peaches make great marinades for pork, and I know I can use them in my morning protein smoothies.  Maybe I'll make peach scones ...the possibilities are endless.

Here's how I froze them:  (I chose freezing over canning because I've never liked canned fruit or vegetables)

To make peeling them easier bring a large pot of water to a rapid boil.  Drop in 5 or 6 peaches and let boil for a minute or less.

Transfer peaches to an ice bath to stop them from cooking.

Use something slotted to transfer the peaches to avoid putting hot water in your ice bath.

This is the ideal result.  The skin should easily peel right off with a slight tug of your finger.  Every so often you'll get a stubborn one and will need to use a peeler, so keep it handy.

Peaches can make a huge mess.  I have two bowls ready and put a cutting board in a rimmed baking sheet.

Use one bowl for the peach peel and pits.  Use the other bowl for the peach slices.
To preserve the peaches for freezing I coated them with Fruit Fresh and 100% pure apple juice.

Use just enough juice to cover the peaches.

 Using a 1 cup measuring glass I transfer 2 cups peaches and juice to quart size Ziploc freezer bags.

Squeeze as much air out of the bags as you can before sealing.  If you feel you can't get all the air out, I've found using a simple straw and sucking it out is very effective.

Seal the bags and store them flat in your freezer.

End note:  To my friend and neighbor Patricia, thanks for the Fruit Fresh and for doing this with me.  Our adventure as fruit pickers and preservers is so much fun!

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