Thursday, July 5

Front Porch Living

I attended a church once where the pastor spent most of the summer preaching on "front porch living."  It was a movement he wanted the congregation to take hold of.  There was a time when people used their front porch more than their living room.  That kind of living created great communities.  Nowadays we tend to spend most our time inside or in our backyards guarded by privacy fences.  In most neighborhoods the neighbors have never met.

In Romans 13:9 the final commandment is "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."  Jesus summarizes God's law to say we should love God and our neighbors more than we should love our self.  

Front porch living is really important to me.  We've been in our home for just over a year and we've gotten to know some of the most amazing people.  We're all a little different but the one thing we have in common is our enthusiasm for having community on our blocks.  We spend a lot of our time outside anticipating which neighbors might come out that we can socialize with. When we make a big dinner we eagerly text neighbors to see if they'd like to eat with us.  When Maggie and I bake we discuss which of her neighborhood friends might like a treat.  Knowing our neighbors makes living life better.  I always have a friend to walk with in the evenings (or push me to do squats and bear crawls -- thanks Jen!).  I trust these people to help us raise our children and to watch over our home.  It's an unmeasurable blessing to know them and live with them. 

For the 4th of July a few of our immediate neighbors and my family gathered together in the lawn that connects our houses.  There were no big plans or a specific host, it was just something that came together during evening chats in the driveways.  We  all agreed to make a little food and bring it out for everyone to share.  We dragged folding tables and chairs to a shaded area between our homes, and invited some new neighbors that just moved in.  We ate together as a small community, which feels like an extended family.  It was perfect.  No fuss, no pretense, just a casual gathering of friends for a meal.  And we all spoke of how lucky we are to live with each other.

We have this friendly neighborhood because of the effort each household makes.  We get out of our homes and meet each other.  We welcome newcomers.  We care more for our the community we live in then we do for ourselves.  It's front porch living.  It's fellowship. And it's awesome!




  1. I think this is really great that you have this in your neighborhood!

  2. Really neat, Nici. Thanks for sharing.