Monday, July 9

Ladies Lunch - Yellow and White

Every mommy deserves a break now and then and I know lots of ladies with young children who could use a day at the pool to relax, without chasing kids.  To give my girlfriends a relaxing afternoon I rented our neighborhood pool for a few hours and sent out an invitation to "Lunch and Lounge."  Mother Nature had other plans however and 30 minutes before our lunch was to start the rain came pouring down.  Plan B -- lunch in my kitchen.  It's not quite the same but at least my girlfriends could still get good use out of the babysitters they'd hired and have a nice lunch.  Here are some photos of our lemony, sunny lunch on a rainy day.  Even though there wasn't any swimming or suntanning it was still a nice time to get together.

Drink:  Lemonade Champagne Sparkler
Mix 1 cup champagne with 2 cups lemonade and 2 tablespoons cranberry juice.

I love to use inexpensive upholstery fabric for festive tablecloths.
Yellow tin buckets I found in my craft closet filled with Twizzlers was the only table decor.  Cute and sweet.
Every ladies lunch needs a sparkly drink.  For the water bottles (since we were supposed to be at the pool) I bought yellow and white stripped straws on Amazon.  The lemon keeps the straw from falling into the bottle.
We're never too old for polka-dots, especially when partnered with stripes.
Sweet, tart and not too heavy.  Lemon squares are such a refreshing dessert.

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