Thursday, July 19

Lunch for a Lazy Lake Day

The perfect meal for a lazy day on the lake is something that requires no plate, no fork and makes no mess.  Everything is either eaten or thrown in the trash, and it's just enough to feed everyone lunch with no leftovers.  I think I have finally perfected my family's standard lake day meal.

Here's what I take:

Baked Mini Turkey Sandwiches
photo is before they were baked, but you get the idea
You can find many variations of the classic Kings Hawaiian ham sandwiches so to spare re-posting basically the same recipe, here's a link to The Girl Who Ate Everything.  Her variation is my favorite, except I use honey baked turkey because I hate ham.

I assemble the sandwiches the night before and pop them in the oven 20 minutes before we leave the house.  I wrap the sandwiches in foil and put them in an insulated bag.

To go with the sandwiches we take two types of fruit (like apples and pluots), a bag of chips and granola bars for a later snack. Some times I throw in a bag of carrots too.

So easy! And off we go to the lake with a yummy lunch everyone enjoys.
Don't we look like we're having fun?!

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