Monday, July 2

Pick Your Own: Blackberries and Blueberries

Tomorrow morning Mags and I will leave the house at 7am (with coffee in hand for me and an energy bar for her) to pick peaches. One of the farms near us has decided to open up for a few days of 'pick your own', not something they usually do. 

Picking fruit is like therapy, only cheaper and you walk away with a stash of produce.  Something about being in the fresh air, on a farm, with only the mundane task of pick and drop is so refreshing.  On my last trip to pick berries I went with two neighbors that feel like I do about pick your own produce and it was such a fun time.  Before I go pickin' peaches tomorrow I thought I'd share some photos from my last berry trip.

Blueberry picking is over for this summer but my freezer has over 50 cups stored, along with two pints of blackberries...just in case I get a craving for blueberry crisp in December.

Visit to find a farm near you.

Finding a big, plump blackberry (usually hidden in the bush under a leaf) is like finding the treasure in a scavenger hunt.

Little birdie resting in a blackberry bush.

Some ready now. Some ready later.

That's what I call a good morning.

Nuisance.  But still cute.

Blueberries, glorious blueberries.

My lot for the morning: 3 pints of blackberries, 11 lbs of blueberries and a bunch of pluots.

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