Tuesday, July 3

Pick Your Own: Peaches

Two hours, including the drive there and home, and I have 50 lbs of peaches to eat, bake, cook, and freeze (with a newborn my life runs on two hour increments).  So gratifying! This is my first summer to pick peaches so I'm learning as I go.  Here are my tips so far:
  • Only take small children if they're easily entertained.  Most peaches aren't in their reach.
  • Take a wagon
  • Wear pants and tennis shoes. And bug spray.
  • Put the unripe, hard peaches on the bottom of the box.  If they're ripe, they'll turn to juice.
If you're in the SW Missouri area, Ozark Mountain Orchard is allowing picking through this Saturday, July 7.   They also just planted about 5,000 strawberry bushes for next summer and in two years may allow pick your own.

Here are some photos from our peach pickin' morning.

Easily entertained, but no help at all.

Peach trees are so pretty.

She had a hard time resisting the temptation to eat them.

One bushel.

Beautiful fruit.  I want a peach tree.  And an apple tree...really, I just want an orchard.

The peaches in the bowl are ripe now.  The rest will be ready in a day to prep and freeze.

Multi-tasking: she's eating lunch while helping me sort peaches.


  1. Is this your first time canning peaches? I have never canned anything before so I am completely unsure of the process.

    1. Hey Katie. I just published a post on freezing peaches. I'm going to try and can diced tomatoes next and I'll let you know how that goes.