Tuesday, July 31

Recipe Reviews: Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

I'm always looking for news ways to make easy weeknight meals.  Dishes must either (a) be quick and easy to prep during nap time and stored in fridge until dinner or (b) be super quick and easy to make at dinner time.  The best dishes are ones that bake in an oven for at least 30 minutes.  Here's how dinner time goes for me:

- preheat oven and take pre-prepped meal from fridge
- get baby undressed and ready for bath
- put meal in oven and set timer
- while meal is cooking give baby bath and put to bed (this takes about 30 minutes)
- once baby's asleep the rest of us sit down to dinner

Both of these recipes are easy to prep ahead.

I love this recipe.  The chicken is flavorful and moist.  She calls for boneless, skin on  chicken but I used split chicken breasts bone-in and skin-on. The lemon, garlic and thyme is a good combination but be sure to use more salt and pepper than you think you need, and broil the tops at the end of cooking.

This would have been really good, if I had remembered to add the Parmesan. Oops! I'll try this again some time.  It's a beautiful way to serve vegetables.  Here's a tip: cut your tomatoes thick, your potatoes thin and the squash in between.

Overall, a pretty decent dinner for a Monday night and our week got off to a healthy start.

Whenever I'm trying new recipes I make sure the next meal is an old favorite, just in case the new recipes were a flop.  So tonight we're having another Ina Garten recipe -- Weeknight Bolognese.  Everyone in my house devours it, just be careful of the red pepper! (I use whole wheat organic pasta shells, in case you're wondering how to substitute the white pasta).

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