Sunday, July 22

Sunday Pancakes

Usually I think everything is better from scratch.  Better for you and better taste.  I buy very little processed food, and have few boxes in my pantry, but there is one box I keep stocked -- Hodgson Mill pancake mixes.  Specifically I really like the Multi-grain Buttermilk Pancakes with Flax Seed.  I used to make pancakes from scratch but once I tried these there was no going back.  They're light and fluffy with a great texture and I'm comfortable with the ingredients.  Just add an egg, a tiny bit of oil and some milk.  The mix is a little thin at first but once it touches the heat it puffs up perfectly.  I mix in a few dark chocolate chips in a few for the kids and blueberries to a few more. 
 Hodgson Mill mixes are available at most grocers either in the cereal isle or the natural foods section.  Quick, easy, yummy breakfast! 

Today's sermon at the church we attend encouraged us to live for today, praising God and thanking him for all our blessings.  In the simple things, like pancakes on Sunday mornings, and in the much larger things God is to be given thanks.  Nothing in our lives is significant, nothing is good, nothing is fulfilling without knowing Jesus Christ.  So many are struggling and facing difficult circumstances, but today, if even for a moment I hope you, my friends, find a moment to thank God. 

Here's to a wonderful week...

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