Thursday, August 30

A {Lady} Bug Hunt

Maggie requested a ladybug party for her third birthday so we made a few ladybugs...and caterpillars, and butterflies, and spiders and turned it into a big bug hunt and pizza making party.  Turns out kids can get excited about hunting anything!  Throw a couple hundred plastic bugs in the yard, give each kid a container and yell "Go!".  They love it.

Here are a few detail pics of how we turned our backyard into a bug hunt.

Making Ladybugs for her Party. Crafting with Maggie is my favorite part of putting her party together.

Caterpillar Cupcakes with Dirt Cupcakes and Worms.
{sources} grass and caterpillar cupcake holders from world market; I always use Magnolia Bakery  of NY's vanilla cupcake recipe

Bug Hunt Signs

Tables are decorated with rolls of moss from Hobby Lobby, the ladybugs Maggie made and bug  nets from Target $1 isle.  Blue and polka-dot plates from Oriental Trading Company.

Caterpillars crawl through mounds of strawberries for a sweet and healthy treat.
{to make} Place 10 - 12 green grapes on long skewers and cut off the sharp end; use vanilla icing to glue chocolate chips on as eyes

Maggie's Ladybugs
{to make} use 2' round hole punch and black card stock to make the dots and glue to red buckets; paint a round styrofoam ball black and add black pipe cleaners for antennas; hot glue goggly eyes

Each kids received their own bug bucket filled with grass to catch the little critters.
{source} containers from Oriental Trading and labels made at home using a Bugs Life font from FrontSpace.

Bug Bites goodie bags filled with gummy butterflies and worms.
{source} for candy

In an attempt to keep track of each kids' drink we provided straws with name tags.  No germ sharing going on here!

Eachk kiddo got a mini pizza crust and a butterfly bag filled with pizza toppings to make their own pizza.  Then we grilled them (the pizzas, not the kids) while the bug hunt was going on.

My uber talented husband created this photo board.  The pics of the kids with their faces as the bugs heads are so cute! Great memories for Maggie's photo album.

I totally stole this idea from Pottery Barn Kids -- check here for detail on how to make your own floating caterpillar.
Let's be serious -- their's is way better than mine but I'm okay with that.

Tailgating Party - 417 Home Magazine Shoot

Earlier this summer I got to realize one of my dreams...well, not so much a dream as a "that might be fun to do one day" type of thing.  I got to style a photo shoot for a magazine.  417 Home Magazine is the local home/design publication in southwest Missouri.  In their fall edition, out this week, they feature a few different examples of fall and winter celebrations from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  My celebration was a good ole' tailgate party.  We only had a few days to put it all together but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Here's a little peak:

Game Time - A Tailgating Party
from 417 Home Magazine