Friday, May 10

My Preschooler Is Bossy and Our Summer Lesson Plans

I have three-year-old going on thirteen.  Or at least she tells us every second, of every minute, of every hour that she is in fact a big girl now.  This is proven, she says, because she can brush her own teeth and do her own hair and she looks like a princess.  Goodness gracious!

One night this week we were all outside working in our yard.  As hubby and I are mulching, princess starts bossing us around.  Jared (hubby) says, "Maggie, you're going to make a great CEO one day."  With hands on her hips and full of sarcasm she respond, "You sure about that daddy?  Are you really sure?!"  Seriously people, I can't make this stuff up.  She's a smart little cookie and she knows it, so I'm going to try and harness her big girl attitude into some productive learning this summer.  She wants to be a big girl?  Then bring it on sister!

It's perfect timing to see if the munchkins living in my house and I can work together productively, and without too much injury.  I've been researching homeschool education, mostly because I think God is pushing me to (research that is, not so sure about the actual homeschooling just yet).  Week one is in the books and I have to admit, it went pretty smoothly...better actually.  Both Maggie and I seemed to enjoy it.  We'll see how we are come August.

Here's what we've planned for the summer.

I asked Maggie what her goals were for the summer.  I had to explain what goals meant but she got it and after thinking all of 10 seconds answered:

1. Learn to write my alphabet
2. Learn to tie my shoes
3. Learn to swim in the deep end without floaties

#1 I can handle.  #2 and #3 terrify me a little bit.

Activity Calendar
I'm a wee bit type A.  I keep a chalkboard calendar in our laundry room, a printed planner, an Outlook calendar and and iPhone calendar.  I like calendars.  So does Maggie.  She asks every morning what we're doing and where we are going so I created her a calendar (naturally).

This is just an inexpensive magnetic 7-day calendar from Target.  I made magnets using graphics and words for each activity she may have that week.  I also made smaller weather magnets.  Free graphics can be found online with a simple Google search of what you're looking for.  Each Sunday evening at bed time we check the week's weather and she puts the corresponding magnet next to each day. Then I tell her what activities she has and she fills the calendar.  This gives her that little bit on independence she's craving.

Bob Books
We've started reading Bob Books - Alphabet and Pre-Reading Skills.  This is mostly review for her because she knows her shapes and the alphabet, but she's not quite ready to read. She says she loooooves the books so I'll take that as a big thumbs up.

Bob Books - Alphabet

Bob Books - Pre-Reading Skills

Pre-K Homeschool Curriculum - Letters, Writing, and Math
The best $15 you'll ever spend on your kids education is's Pre-K "Letter of the Week" printables.

We just finished with the letter 'A' this week and Maggie loved all the activities and games.  It's not just learning her letters but it's also writing, logic, math, sorting, puzzles, etc.  Each week Maggie chooses the letter she wants to work on and at the end of the week she puts a sticker on the letter we completed - I found a letter chart in a pre-K workbook we had and hung it on the fridge.

She said she wanted to do B next week because, duh, it comes after A.  Until she realized that "popcorn" starts with P and if we did P she could have popcorn.  Then she also figured out playdough starts with P and we could make playdough.  So now we're doing P.  I told you -- smart cookie!

This is 100% her idea and not mine.  Teaching my 3 year-old to tie a ribbon and shoes sounds like as much fun as, well, nothing.  It sounds horrible.  But she asked so I'm going to do my best.  Pray for me.
I've found some great resources though and one I particularly like is this shoebox idea.

Camps - Science, Art, and Swim Lessons
Because I'm pretty sure I nearly failed every science class I ever took, I've enrolled her in this awesome class called "Meet the Quirkles."  The material is available to anyone, any where but we're really lucky to live just a town away from it's creator, Terri Johnson, who teaches Meet the Quirkles at her business Fiction, Facts, & Fun.

She'll also do a one-week painting camp and take weekly swim lessons because (a) painting is her favorite thing and (b) learning to swim is necessary, essential and critical.

Wish me luck friends!  Either this is going to go really well, or she's going to stay in the shallow end all summer, wear velcro shoes and go back to school with her little g's still looking like balloons.

Blessings always,

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