Wednesday, June 5

No Clutter - Artkive Kids' Art Projects

The first time I had to throw away some of Maggie's art projects from school I had a lot of guilt.  What if she wanted to keep the scribbles she made when she was two?  The problem is, I'm not a keep-everything-on-my-fridge kind of gal.  I like things put away, nice and neat.   One finger painting at a time on the fridge is my limit.

Here's my solution for guilt-free disposal of nearly all art projects:  Artkive.

Artkive is an app where we can archive (get it?) all our kids doodles, scribbles, and crafts.  Each time Maggie makes something - or 10,000 somethings like she is in Paint Camp this week - I take a photo of it with my iPhone and store it in an album.  Then I can share that album with friends and family, or print the album.  It also allows me to make notes about the masterpiece.

Hope this helps someone else out.  Artkive away...


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