Thursday, August 29

A Fairy Princess Garden Party

When we started talking about Maggie's 4th birthday she had at least a dozen ideas for her party.  These included a parade, a dance party, making sno cones, having a tea party...and the list goes on and on.  When I was a Wish Granter for Make-a-Wish Foundation we'd play a game with kids to find out what their true wish was.  We'd ask, "would you rather do x or have y" and so on until we established their favorite wish.  So I did this with Maggie and the winning party idea was to have a gymnastics party.  "Yay! We're having a gymnastics party," I said.  Then I got The Look -- the one that says I have it completely wrong and she says plainly, "No mom. We're having a fairy princess party. In a garden. With a stage."  Oh girls.

So, we started talking about her ideas for a Fairy Princess Party.  She had a lot of ideas, many of which I had to convince her were a little too grand for a simple 4th birthday party.  Here are the ideas that stuck and the result of Maggie's Fairy Princess Garden Party.

Credits:  My dear friend, Becca Murdaugh of Social Graces, took these photos. She also featured it on her blog.  She's a sweetheart.

Because fairies always live in the garden, we set the table and decor up in a well-landscaped part of our backyard.  The table is just a child's size desk covered in burlap and moss leftover from previous parties. The toadstools are cheap Ikea stools covered in fabric.

Each girl received her own Fairy Princess costume.  The tiaras and wands were ordered in bulk from Amazon and I'll used the leftovers for gifts in the future. The tutus were homemade by my sister-in-law and the wings came from Zulily. 

Each girl had her own picnic lunch served in these cute berry baskets I found for $1 at Wal-Mart.  They're plastic and reusable.  Lunch included garden-themed snacks: flower shaped PB&J, carrots, cherry tomatoes, berries and pea snap chips.

Thank goodness I always have a lot of leftover party supplies on hand.  These mason jars were filled with raspberry lemonade and decorated with pink tulle and polka dot straws.

Place cards were attached to cute stands found at Hobby Lobby. I love the ladybug detail.

Maggie loves pink and purple, hence the colors for the party. She also loves butterflies.  I took an antiqued bird cage I had and filled it with pink and purple butterflies, cut on simple cardstock and hung with fishing wire. This was the focal point for the table.

Vanilla cupcakes and vanilla icing. Simple and doesn't stain. I strayed from the Magnolia Bakery recipe I usually use to try Giada's recipe since it contains less flour and are slightly less guilty of junk.  They are wonderful cupcakes!  I used Sprinkles vanilla icing recipe, cutting the sugar back by 3/4C and it is wonderful.

Edible decor is always a hit with kids.  I used pixie sticks, gummy flowers and gummy butterflies.   Oh sugar!

While the girls ate lunch I read Julie Andrew's The Very Fairy Princess.  This is a great book!

The girls made suncatcher necklaces.  For a how-to check out The Artful Parent.  We used a mini muffin tin to turn these into necklaces and saved the extras and made them into magnets for Maggie's art board.

The one thing Maggie wouldn't give up was a stage. She loves to dance.  So Jared built her this great little stage.  We turned on Pandora, channeled Choo Choo Soul and the girls danced to their hearts' content.

I pray constantly for the friends of my children.  I know there may come a time in life, too soon for my comfort, where friends are more influential than mom and dad.  I'm so grateful my little girl is making great friends with these other lovely little girls.  They are a sweet blessing to our family.